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President's Report

Annual General Meeting

June 2017


The 2016 – 2017 year for the CWSO Board of Directors was a year of rebuilding. We went 'back to the basics' and made certain we have a solid foundation for the Society.

Based upon our established work plan over the year the Board has:

Improved our Website - We have an improved website which, beginning August 1, 2017, every member will be able to access the Members Only tab to connect with each other and get relevant current information toward the important and valuable work you do. This thanks to the Communications Committee being so technologically talented and up to date with programs and social media.


Secured Liability Insurance - The Board reviewed three quotes and secured liability insurance so, in the event something was to happen (God forbid!), the Society is covered.


Audited Financial Statement - The Board is pleased to provide our membership at this annual general meeting with an audited financial statement for the fiscal year of April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017.


Reviewed Society Priorities - The Board took a long, hard, and thoughtful look at what we can really accomplish and what is the best use of the Board's time, talents and energy. The Board reviewed the core competency notion, in detail, over the past eight years and has prepared a report for our members to review and consider.


Board Membership – According to CWSO current By – Laws the CWSO Board is to be an eighteen (18) person board – fourteen (14) members representing each of the Local Health Integration Networks and four (4) Members – at Large. For this year the Board membership was originally 12 members with two of those members resigning (one in April and the other in May 2017).


To each of the current Board members, thank you for your dedication and hard work toward our Society. Your commitment towards our members and their valuable, important work, is really appreciated.


It is my pleasure to be a part of this 'small but mighty' Board. You have certainly laid a solid foundation for our Society to build upon.


Respectfully submitted by: Alison P. Johnston, MSW, RSW, CWSO President

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