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 Who We Are & What We Do

In 1984, a group of crisis workers from across Ontario met in Toronto to discuss areas of common interest and issues faced in the profession.

This meeting led to the creation of the Crisis Workers Society of Ontario, which since its inception has worked to ensure that there is a forum for crisis workers to come together to share knowledge and to enhance the standing of the profession.

Ongoing activities include:

  • Representing the interests and concerns of Ontario crisis workers within the broader community

  • Working to enhance the visibility and profile of crisis work and crisis workers and advocating on behalf of the profession

  • Providing guidance and resources to Ontario mental health agencies that do not have crisis programs

  • Hosting an annual conference

  • Providing training workshops and educational opportunities across Ontario

  • Offering affiliations and memberships with relevant organizations at the local, provincial, and national level

Our members represent a wide range multidisciplinary professionals and volunteers who:

  • Provide crisis intervention services

  • Utilize crisis theories and techniques in their practice

  • Work in settings such as hospital and community mental health programs, distress lines, and crisis support services

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